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Sandau Bros. Sign Company is comprised of a highly skilled team of experts with the experience, vision and insight needed to create, manage and implement your project, start to finish!  Our full service company offers services from surveying to lighting, design customization,  Banners, personal or business, Signage, large or small, advertising options on billboards and benches and so much more.

Take a look at our services and contact us to get started on your next project or design.

Your Project from Start to Finish

Save your time and headaches by having us manage your entire project from start to finish. Large or small, we make sure your project is done in a timely manner and on budget!

Sandau Bros. Sign Company will take your project from initial consultation to design, production, delivery and installation.

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Graphic Design for your Project or your Image

Our graphic design experts can bring your vision to life whether it is for personal customized banners, marketing aids, designing your new signage, or your overall business image!  We will even provide that extra "pop" on your logo while working to bring your visual marketing to life. Or create your new logo for you!

With full service design techniques and state-of-the-art technology, our employees are skilled at creating an effective design that will bring your message visibility to a level needed!

The Unseen Details of your Project

Sandau Bros. Sign Company doesn't leave you hanging and wondering if you are within regulations for your new signage.  We will perform the surveys and procure and obtain the necessary permits, ensuring all your signage is in compliance with all local laws, codes, regulations and ordinances.

Let us handle the unseen details!

Not sure what you want for your message?

Whether your designing a personalized banner for your graduate or needing a message put on your billboard, our content experts can help create the message that tells your story and sends your message with clarity!

We will take the words and images and tailor your message by crafting the right visual communication and executing it with our technology.

In House Creation with Sandau Bros.

We are a fully equipped in-house manufacturing company that constructs your signage locally.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, experienced assembly personnel and digital printing capabilities are just a few of the necessary essentials we house to take care of your project!

Make sure your message is seen!

Cabinet Signage, Billboard signs, Track lighting, spotlighting...whatever your needs are, our experienced technicians can make sure your message is seen at night!

Don't take the time to put your advertising out there, and then have it only seen 50% of the time!

Inside or Outside, Large or Small - Installation is Important

Don't forget an important part of the process!  Installation of your signage, lettering, store-front signage, bench advertising and more.

Our expert installers ensure that your signs are safely and properly installed so that people can see your message or find your business.

Signage looking old or damaged?

Is your sign looking old?  Has it been damaged by the harsh weather of the midwest?  Or maybe your moving your office?

Contact us and a knowledgeable experienced technician will be in touch to take a look at your signage or lighting service and repairs needs.

Need a little extra Exposure?

Sandau Bros. Sign Company has bus benches throughout the community where you can advertise at a monthly fee.

This additional exposure for your business will ensure that your company is found not only through your current advertising plans, but also through an extended plan!

Not to be passed up, this advertising method is guaranteed to get you seen!  Contact us today for more information.

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We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Service for all their sign needs!
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